About Us

Select Trailer Co. has our roots in the equipment business back to ’72. With decades serving customers with outdoor power, tractors, trailers, and recreational products we know our way around our products, and how we want our customers treated. We’ve heard it said about places, “they treat you like family”. Well- frankly we’re looking to do better than that! Seriously- none of us wants to deal with a pushy or condescending salesperson who is just looking to make another sale. So- we don’t have any of those. Our crew uses the products we sell and we aren’t afraid to give you an answer you don’t want to hear, if it means you have the proper information about the trailer you are looking at. We work very hard on our product knowledge to give you all the data you need, and aren’t afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”. We want to answer your questions, and hopefully lead you to the decision that makes the most sense for you and your family. That makes it easy for you to send us your friends and family for their new (or pre-loved) trailer.

We’ve been a Sundowner dealer for almost 30 years now. With a larger team in Parts & Service than Sales, it shows that supporting you is important to us. With routine maintenance, service, minor and major repairs- we are your place east of the Mississippi. We’ve honed our reputation over the decades with our horse trailer customers, and are ready to share it with our powersports customers. Whether it is your annual service, custom adds, a new generator install, straightening a collision boo-boo, or something in between. Call or come on by. We work with all of the major insurance companies, and do full work (including warranty!) on Sundowner products. Caveat- we are required to refer Onan warranty work to them. We are an authorized Onan installation dealer, but not a repair dealer. Routine Onan maintenance is right up our alley.